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Title: The Nature of and Conditions for Building the Poly-Art Competency in art Teaching Specialties
Authors: GUSEINOVA, Larysa
KOVAL, Olena
Keywords: Professional training
art and pedagogical education
improvement of the educational process
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Revista Românească pentru Educaţie Multidimensională
Citation: 2022, Volume 14, Issue 2, pages: 198-217|
Abstract: The relevance of the initiated research is determined by a few dominating challenges of modern art and pedagogical education. In particular, these are the interaction between the participants in the educational process, given the spread of the pandemic; insufficient development of ways to form the professional competence in students of art and pedagogical specialties; the inertia of art and pedagogical education and, as a consequence, the slow introduction of innovations in higher education; the insufficient reflection of the principles of poly-arts education in art and pedagogical studies. The nature of poly-arts competence in specialists of art and pedagogical direction specialists has been redefined and adjusted. This competence is interpreted as an integral professional quality of personality. The methodical conditions of its formation have been outlined, embracing the updating of the educational process, use of interactive technologies and methods of personality-oriented learning, the introduction of integration of different levels, etc. Neuropedagogical prerequisites of formation of poly-artistic competence for students of art and pedagogical directions are defined. We have also identified interrelated and complementary aspects of poly-artistic competence (cognitive, reflexive, methodological and procedural), as well as directions of their development. Prospects for further research lie with the development of the methodological formation of poly-artistic competence for students in art and pedagogical specialties and the subsequent testing of its effectiveness in an actual educational process.
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