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Title: Values of normal and apocalyptic society іn english internet news discourse
Authors: Pavlenko, M.H.
Keywords: Internet news discourse
normal society
apocalyptic society
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Видавництво НДУ ім. Миколи Гоголя
Abstract: The article focuses on the description of categorization ofvalues of normal and apocalyptic society in terms of the Vantage theory, which is demonstrated by the dominant and recessive vantages. The dominant vantage of normal society comprises focal features ESTABLISHED STANDARD, ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR, and TYPICAL PROCEDURE in the spheres of security, economy, partnership, and success. Constructions in the recessive vantage represent values enhancement in the spheres of business and economy. The dominant vantage of apocalyptic society comprises the focal features DESTRUCTION, DISASTER, DEATH, and DAMAGE in the sphere of environment, while the recessive vantage is demonstrated by the constructions which denote maintaining the integrity or threat removal. The article proves that modern society is reconstructed with evident apocalyptic tendencies.
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