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Title: Euphemisms in English Internet News Discourse: Creating an Event Perspective
Authors: Morozova, Ya. I.
Keywords: euphemism
news discourse
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Видавництво НДУ ім. Миколи Гоголя
Abstract: This research is based on the theoretical foundations that regard euphemization as the cognitive process of conceptualization of a forbidden reality which is manifested in discourse through the use of various linguistic mechanisms such as lexical substitution, morphological modification, syntagmatic grouping or combination etc., that enable the speaker to attenuate or in a certain context or situation to reinforce a certain forbidden concept or reality. This article studies euphemisms in English news texts in terms of their event perspective. Event is understood as a change in a situation which is reported. Despite the ultimate uniqueness of events, there are universal elements that constitute them. They are participants, actions, objects/ instruments, time, place, result/consequences. The choice and verbal representation of these elements creates event perspective. In Internet news, the majority of euphemisms focus on action (41 %) and on participants (38 %), 10 % – on time and place, 6 % of euphemisms focus on objects or instruments and 5 % of euphemisms focus on result and consequence.
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